For more than 30 years, Ruiz Investment Group has been involved in real estate investment and construction as well as management of multi-family housing throughout the Southwestern United States.  In that time, the firm has become strong, structurally sound and financially secure.  Together with its affiliates, Ruiz Investment Group has enjoyed significant success as developers of exceptional properties while contributing  to the economic expansion of numerous communities.

Ruiz Investment Group’s keen understanding of regional market factors has given it the ability to demonstrate its proven expertise in anticipating market trends and identifying key areas of growth.  The firm’s thorough decision-making process, as well as its extensive industry knowledge, has allowed it to accumulate over $210,000,000 in assets and capital.  In the past ten years alone, Ruiz Investment Group has designed and successfully brought to market eleven different apartment complexes totaling more than 3,200 units.  All of these projects were completed on time and within budget. Today, these complexes consistently deliver occupancy rates of 92-95% and have generated impressive investment returns through varying economic cycles.

Few entities have more relevant experience in the Southwest region than Ruiz Investment Group. In fact, some of the nation’s most renowned investors have chosen to partner with the firm because of its impressive achievements to date, its consistent return on investment, as well as the high standards it sets in real estate investment and development.  With over 50 years of combined experience, the members of Ruiz Investment Group’s executive leadership possess exceptional professional credentials and exemplify extraordinary principles of personal integrity that are committed to the continued success of the firm and the delivery of outstanding results.